Cafè Reminiscence

Bijapur ,NH13 ,Rain

Cafe Reminiscence Bijapur diary

Cafe Reminiscence Bijapur diary

It was around 10 PM , route NH13 from Bijapur to Solapur , FM91 broadcasting ” Kal Aaj Aur Kal ” & the song being played was ” Zara Si Aahat Hoti Hai To Dil Sochata Hey / Kahin Ye Wo To Nahi ” from the award winning war movie “Haqeeqat”, brilliantly directed by Dev’s elder Chetan Anand , also it was raining , almost No habitat in this 110 KM route, pitch dark ,only Vehicles head lights . Awesome !! I felt overjoyed.

Picture : The moment I saw this Belgaddi (Bullockcart) I just felt like clicking it ,specially for the brass caps on tip of Cow’s horns & those flying colourful ribbons.


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